Folding Bike

13 05 2009

This is by far the best folding bike I’ve seen in my life!!! The folding transition is sooo smooth that you’ll find it’s really pretty. Designed by Mark Sanders, the IF model equipped with a full size wheel that gives more comfortable rides.

It is for sale in US here for $2,250. Wooh!


Office Singularity by o4i

13 05 2009

I want this office desk!!! It is some awesome design that combines SOCIAL- INTERACTIVE, FUNCTIONAL- FOCUSED, CASUAL- PRIVATE themes into a desk.

I like the way it design a lounge chair into the desk that looks good with the rest of the desk.

Airstream concept for BMW Mini!

4 05 2009

Here is a Airstream towing concept designed for coupes like BMW Mini or WV GTI or Audi A3. I’ve been wondering why they don’t make trailers for these smaller cars. It makes perfect sense in a design point of vew, because the hatchback cars has a similiar shape with the trailer, so a rounded aerodynamic trailer fits better with into the picture.

I own a Audi A3, and I can’t tell you how cool would be if I can tow a trailer up & down California for outdoor activities and camping. What’s special about this Airstream Clubman design a side of the wall can be opened and put down as a patio. The interior instantly becomes a open space area with a view of the nature. This concept invites the exterior view into the conventional enclosed trailer design.

[via Tuvie]

Today’s Simple Smart Design

13 04 2009

Here are some product design that I think it’s very clever and simple.

1. “LIE”, the multifunctional furniture for small space.

This furniture is designed with multipurpose in mind. Designer Pop Vlad Andrei comes up with a table that folds up to be a chair. I think it is a very practicle for people living in small apartment, or renting a single room.

[via The Design Blog]

2. “Cable Box” from BlueLongue.

What do you do to solve the cable mess under your desk or behind the tv? PUT THEM INTO A BOX!! That is exactly the solution from BlueLongue, but but box is more refined and elegant. What a simple idea!! And it is just a plastic box with a cover! BlueLongue is selling it for $29.95; I bet it only cost $4 to manfacture it in China. If you still decide to buy it, click here. But hold on your click!! Yanko Design provides a review; it won’t hurt to do some research 1st.

[via Yanko Design]

3. “Reborn” saving your life.

I am sure everyone knows about the Survival Man on Discovery Channel. I would definetly have something like Reborn around if I go out into the wild. Reborn, designed by Xue Zhichao, is a water collection and purification device, a solar energy heater, a dish antenna, a search light, and a food heating stove. Something you should consider to have in your backpack when you go into the wild.

[via Yanko Design]

Coffee cup cover holding all your coffee essentials

6 04 2009

A coffee cup cover that give you an extra hand to hold the sugar pack and milk! What a great design utilizing the plastic cup cover.

Maybe they should have a cup cover that can stack cups together!!!

[via Yanko Design]

Coffee cup for Astronaut

1 03 2009

The On-Orbit Coffee Cup designed by astronaut Don Pettit is the perfect cup of coffee in the NASA International Space Station.

Audi Shark – Future Hover Car Concept

28 02 2009

Designed by Kazim Doku

via Fubiz