Audi A3 ECU Upgrade from APR

13 03 2009

Went to Euro Code Tuning in Torrence, CA to flash my A3’s ECU with APR program. They are having a great promotion on the ECU program now till April. I have been waiting for this. Even though I am not exactly in to modifying cars, but I thought it is always nice to have some extra horsepower and torque on the road!
APR claims that the program will give stock A3 additional 48 hp and 82lb-ft torque.

I will test it out tomorrow on the way to work!!


The car turned out to be very responsive and there is always the power when you need it!!
However, yesterday the enging light warning came up. I am not sure what’s wrong with it, maybe the DV broken? I reset the enging light warning and put back to stock mode. Hope nothing breaks….


Audi Shark – Future Hover Car Concept

28 02 2009

Designed by Kazim Doku

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