Apple vs Microsoft

1 12 2012


Took at the same time at Mission Vally Fashion mall in San Diego. Obviously Apple store obviously won.


JFDI (Just fucking do it)

8 11 2012


HotTug lets you enjoy a nice hot tub while cruising on water.

6 10 2012

TED Talk – Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

6 10 2012

How body language can change not just how people feel about you, but most importantly how you feel about yourself.

Optically-Enabled 3D-Printed Interactive Objects by Disney Research

6 10 2012


As 3D printing technology is catching the main stream attention, and possibly revolutionize the manufacturing and create new business model. Disney Research is working utilizing 3D printing to achieve interactive objects, such as touch sensors and dot-matrix display.

Traversing the Lincoln Tunnel Via F1 Car – Core77

6 10 2012

This is awesome video. Not just because it’s a F1 racing through the Lincoln Tunnel. To me, every time I travel through Lincoln Tunnel, it is all packed with traffic!! This video shows how peaceful it is to travel in F1 speed and free of traffic.

Off beat Metronomes gradually sync together — WHY?

30 09 2012

The key is the surface where the metronomes are on. Because the surface is unstable, the energy from each metronomes is coupled through the unstable surface to surrounding metronomes, and gradually synchronize the pendulums’ swing together.
If you try it on a solid surface, they wil never be in sync.
Interesting experiment!!