Review: Forté Endurance Saddle Pad

10 05 2009

Today I went to the local bike shop looking for something that can improve my saddle. I was looking replacing the whole saddle with something that has extra padding/gel on. Then I landed on this!

Forté Endurance Saddle Pad is a cover to fit most low profile race saddles. It has addition 6mm Neoprene to give rider more comfort without upgrading the whole saddle.

I was having problem with my saddle when I 1st commute it to work. It is a 10 miles ride to my work place. I was thinking to give up riding to work because the saddle is very uncomfortable. When I saw this Forté Endurance Saddle Pad, tell you the truth, I was a little bit skeptical about its comfort. So I took it on a trial run right away, with out the padded shorts, on a 10 miles ride, and it is incredibly comfortable!

The fitting on my Specialized saddle is generally good. As you see in the picture, the nose of the pad is a little tight for my saddle. But because it’s stretchable form, the pad holds on to the saddle pretty well.  If you are looking for a affordable way to increase your riding comfort and appearance is not important to you, this Forté Endurance Saddle Pad is the best bang of you buck comfort solution.

Strength: Cheap, comfortable, good fit on saddle, no need to upgrade saddles.

Weakness: None so far.