Infograph: Earning disparity & social wealth on $1 bill

18 10 2011

The protest Occupy Wall Street has been going on for several weeks. It is undeniable that many people are suffering from the economic slowdown after the financial crisis. The disparity of wealth distribution in our country has become large enough not be be ignored.
Most importantly, although we are still the largest market and most powerful country currently, our competitiveness has weakened significantly compare to other countries.
I think being a consumption-driven economy is our strength and weakness. American businesses are good at services and marketing. Though it is hard to measure the true value of the services provided. In comparison to a production-driven economy, each product has certain intrinsic value directly associate with it. The product is real and tangible, and has a price tag based on its quality and functionality.
The problem is that America doesn’t have any industries based on manufacturing anymore. As result, our trade deficits are at our all time high. Almost everything you see in the retail stores are made outside of USA. If we can find our strength in actually MAKING THINGS, NOT MARKETING THINGS, we might have a chance to overcome this crisis and still be on the top of the world.




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