Gmail Motion … ??!?!?

1 04 2011

Gmail Motion is to solve the interaction between people. Study shows more than 80% communication is through physical expression. (And what is up with that person in tie making all the gesture commands? His face is lack of emotion and look like a fish!!)
If the physical interaction is such an important part of the communication, why not record what you really want to say in a video and send to the person??
Well, the fact is that will defeat the entire purpose of WRITING an letter!!! People been using pen technology sending handwritten letters for thousands of years. there might be occasions that writer really want to include their actual expressions. However, I don’t think Gmail Motion can help achieve that better than a video recording. Nevertheless, I do give Google credit for creativity, and I can see it improves the computer UI in the future. (With a small gesture signature… you don’t everyone around you in the cafe to know what you are saying, right? )




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