Motorola Atrix 4G is a smartphone and a light-featured laptop

19 02 2011

Motorola recently came up with a possible new way of using smartphone. By leveraging the duo-core 1GHz ARM cortex A9 processing power on the Atrix 4G, Motorola made an netbook-like phone docking accessory that has 11.5″ display and a full keyboard. User can use a full featured Firefox on the docking station, in addition with many other features.

I think it is a great and revolutionary idea! By having a light weight docking with larger display and a a full keyboard, it creates a lot more possibilities for smartphone application. In addition, user won’t have to carry an laptop and a phone all the time. However, the performance on the dock is still incomparable to the laptops. Since all the processing and memory are still on the phone; the dock is just an external display and input device.

I think a better revision should have additional processing power and memory on the dock.By combine smartphone processing power with the dock’s processing power and additional memory, one day it is possible to run a full featured OS on the docking station.

This is probably the strategy that Motorola is taking to differentiate itself from other Android smartphones.




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