Computer Programming for Everyone?

13 12 2010

Yes. I do think the evolution of computer programming will be come a new language that everyone will be required to learn it in the very near future, whether it is for personal interest or survival in the society. The latter one might be a bit extreme. However, it is true that programming become so easily accessible through Internet and open-source platforms. As the “App” and “social media” becoming the new trend, software are become more human friendly in terms of usability and intelligence. Nevertheless, these features typically doesn’t requires computer science degree. Graphic/media designers specialized in user interface, and the software intelligence is just whoever think of that idea can do it.
Community colleges now offers iPhone/iPad programming classes for people who are interested in developing their own apps. MBA schools teach web2.0 programming for MBA students who want to launch their own website.
So I do think very soon, they might teach programming in elementary school. Programming is fundamentally just like learning another language in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese if you take away the computer architecture theory.




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