All in one scissor

11 11 2010
Posted by hipstomp | 11 Nov 2010  |  Comments (1)

If I could’ve had just one pair of scissors back in my design school days, when we all needed to work with a great variety of materials in a single day, it would’ve been these Fiskars’ Cuts+More Scissors.

In addition to your basic scissoring function, there are cutouts for wire, twine, and even rope:


The sheath has a packing-tape cutter on the bottom edge, and on-board sharpening slots to hone the scissor edges:


A bottle-opening notch will open beers (or what looks to be bottled Windex in the photo) so you can take the edge off before class:


Finally, you can detach one half of the scissors and the other half now becomes a titanium shank. (The company literature refers to it as a knife, but I know a shank when I see one.) Perfect for post-crit score-settling; ask your mouthy classmate if he wants to tell you that “your chair design doesn’t seem like a good representation of dialectical materialism at all” to your face.





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