Amazon: e-books are outselling print bestsellers two to one

27 10 2010

We’re all familiar with digitally buying music and video games — two markets that have been forever changed by digital distribution — but what about books? Well, Amazon says that not only is the new Kindle flying off of shelves, but e-book sales are quickly outpacing print.

Bear in mind, it’s hard to truly pin down these figures: Amazon is tight-lipped about the actual numbers behind its claims, though it has reported that the latest, cheapest iteration of the Kindle is the fastest selling yet. That, and back in July the company reported that it sold more e-books than print ones when looking at the top 1,000 bestselling books on the site, “even while print book sales continue to grow,” according to an Amazon release.

The latest milestone for Amazon’s digital book section is the fact that now for the top 10 bestselling books on the site folks are choosing to go digital over print. In fact, Amazon is selling two e-books for every physical copy, something that is hopefully good for the writers, but can’t be good for bookstores. At least bookstores have tried to fortify themselves against the inevitable rise of digital sales, such as Barnes and Noble bringing out its Nook. If Tower Records had a digital music store, maybe its stores wouldn’t have closed in droves, eh?

Still, there are downsides, such as you can’t find a used e-book store. The price you see on the site is usually what you’ve got to pay. You can lend books to one another on the Kindle, however — something definitely new for e-books.

Via Engadget

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