GEA Sailboat 70 Features Transformable Zone To Provide Multifunctional Usability | Tuvie – Industrial Design and Future Technology

25 05 2010
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The movie Transformers has made all people imaginative enough to envision their cellphone or laptop becoming at least a computer monitor or a TV. Don’t you think it’s quite certain that a sailboat design will come up with transformable multifunction zones, eliminating the hassle of recent sailboat’s different covered zones for different purposes? The multifunction zone of GEA sailboat 70 is covered with a big openable sun roof and can be transformed into a living room with a telescopic openable table and 2 large sofas, a tanning zone and a sleep zone under the glittering sky. The ergonomic design of the concept represents the nature and the ability to change the capacity through automation, making it a unique vessel for recreational sea journey.

Designer : Eduardo Alessi

gea sailboat 70

gea sailboat 70

gea sailboat 70

gea sailboat 70

gea sailboat 70

gea sailboat 70

This might be the perfect sailboat for me. 🙂




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