Lovely Globey Ironing

27 03 2010

Lovely Globey Ironing

I know when you think Futuristic, you think Ironing. I know that when you drew (or draw) pictures of the future with crayons, you made sure those space-people had nice, no-wrinkle shirts on, right? Right! So what we need here is Adam Wendel’s “Infinity Iron.” It is an iron for the future. For sure. With its interactive nature and unique form, it will make the world a flatter place, with great skill and aesthetically pleasing form.

And it’s made to prevent arthritis. That horrible, horrible hand job that 1 in 3 people are affected by. Using this machine is grace. The shell pivots along the center sphere, reducing the amount of turning the wrist of the hand has to do drastically. The center sphere also acts as a water reservoir for steaming.

The device automatically gets hot (quickly) when the hand touches the top, and has sensors on the bottom too, turning off if it senses the risk of burning or catching on fire.

The water ball illuminates to a lovely blue when the desired heat is reached, having been programmed in by you on the OLED touch screen on the top, the display and the control. The shell has the screen on the front, and textured rubber on the back for superior grip.

Designer: Adam Wendel

The Infinity Iron by Adam Wendel








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