My Lamp Design: Ovalis Wave

8 02 2010
Advance Mechatronics Project I:
phase II: design lamp includes any degree of freedom.

The original concept was to imitate living organism in motion. The idea started with making the lamp "breathing" with changing in light intensity and changing in size. As result, the I chose the design theme to be circular. Due to difficulty in manufacturing and limited materials, size changing lamp was scrapped. Therefore I change my design direction to the changes in lamp's shape.

The circular design evolved to elliptical, because ellipse creates more dynamic in visual effect. The shape of the lamp looks like a moving wave with different shadowing and light reflection as the rings changes angle relative to the center axis.

All the design is done in SolidWorks with laser-cut acrylics. The lamp consist of 10 layers (or frames) of identical exterior oval shape. The wave-like movement of each layer is driven by a crank shaft that locks each layer in different angle respective to the crank shaft axis.





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