Walking around Philadelphia

22 08 2009

Here are some pictures I took around Philadelphia. It is nice to have a bike here, because it'll get you farther and faster, and you're still like a pedestrian. (by that means you can jaywalk…)
Pictures in the order are… the ship at Penn's Landing, where it has a bar on the deck and a restaurant.
Some pictures from Independence Hall area, where there are many activities going on everyday; tour guides dressed up with uniforms in the civil war era.
Piazza at Schmidt's, is an living space surrounded by five-story renovated industrial building converted into apartments and business space. With restaurants, stores, studios on the 1st floor, and a stage in the plaza to provide entertainments and activities.
Couple pictures of the street in the Center City neighborhood, one is the famous Broad Street (aka. Avenue of the Art) looking toward city hall. PATCO is the transportation system in Philadelphia and South Jersey. A street with wood block pavements, which I was told it was how the streets look like in the past.
Pictures of Macy's department, LOVE sign, fountain with sculptures, and The Franklin Institution.
More pictures of the streets in Philadelphia, many row house style apartments here.
Also the farmers' market in Rittenhouse square.

(p.s. I'm glad I went out early today, cause it started raining while I am typing this up right now.)




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