DIY – Ultrasonic Rangefinder

1 03 2009

The ultrasonic rangefinder is one of the must-have on hobbyist’s DIY project. Here is a how-to-guide on building your own ultrasonic rangefinder controlled by PIC micro controller.

The approace is to use PIC generate a 40 KHz PWM to piezzo transmitter and use a piezzo receiver to hear the echo, then using some simple equation and echo delayed time to calculate the distance. This design also includes a transistor and resonator circuit to enhace the PWM signal to increase detection distance.
Here is the project page.

If this DIY guide is too complicated to you, there is an alternative solution. has off-the-shielf ultrasonic rangefinder with builtin RS232, PWM, and analog data output.

via MAKE




2 responses

29 03 2009

where can I read about microcontroller in your blog?! I have searched about the word “atmel microcontroller” and you blog appeared to me

30 03 2009

I am not sure why the search result will pick up my blog when you type the “atmel microcontroller”. I don’t have any post like that.

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